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Windows and Mac users alike, there is a problem that has accompanied computer users since the early ages - messy desktops. People have always used the desktop as a temporary storage for files, but in many cases it turns into a graveyard of duplicate or unneeded files - an eyesore. On macOS we have a nifty method of making sure we don't get used to such a bad practice.

The Bald Truth

The best way to prevent a messy desktop is to not use it anymore. I know how most people love to use the desktop, but I haven’t used it in years and I would never use it again. The desktop is an unnecessary feature and it instigates bad practices when it comes to organizing your files. In the long run you will not miss it and have a more structured file system.

Disable The Desktop

On macOS we have the possibility to deactivate the Desktop. Don’t worry your files are still in your file system in ~/Desktop. Also your fancy wallpaper wont get removed, only the drag and drop ability and the display of your files.

  1. Open your Terminal in /Applications/Utilities/
  2. defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false
  3. killall Finder
  4. Enjoy a clutterfree life